INTERVIEW: ‘It’s a Dream Come True’, says actor Cara Delevingne

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How would you describe Carnival Row and your role in it for someone who might be new to the show?

It is dark and violent, but also beautiful, magical and romantic. I play a fairy or a fae called Vignette Stonemoss, and the story focuses on her chaotic relationship with a half-fae, half-human detective called Philo (Orlando Bloom). The narrative follows their fight for creatures that have fled their own world and taken refuge in Carnival Row, a place in the Victorian fantasy city of Burgue. The show very much reflects what is happening in the real world right now.

What do you admire about Vignette? Has she undergone any changes in the new season?

I love how strong she is, definitely stronger than I am. But, she’s also compassionate and forgiving. In this season, she’s braver and more determined to fight for what she believes in. She has been forced to become a leader and has taken to that role in a way that surprises her. She steps up and comes into her own this season for both herself and those who need her. You and Orlando Bloom are great together in the show.

Cara Delevingne

How do you sum up the relationship between your characters?

While Vignette and Philo haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, they have been fighting for the same cause, just in different ways. But, they have always loved each other. What I like about this relationship is that even though it is set in fantasy, it’s real in the way it shows how love isn’t simple, but it’s all part of the journey. That’s what Orlando and I always wanted it to be.

Considering the series is action-packed, playing Vignette must have been a physically demanding role. Tell us more.

I loved the stunts and the flying around on wires I got to do with this. I always enjoyed fantasy films growing up, so to fly around as a fairy as cool as Vignette has been a dream come true.

You started filming this season when the pandemic hit. What was that like?

It was hard, but we knew it was coming. I actually think it made this season even better because it gave everyone a chance to really focus on making it the very best it could be. And when we eventually came back, we appreciated the experience of working together even more.

Your documentary, Planet Sex, also released recently. What did you learn from that experience?

Doing the documentary felt like a journey within myself in a way I never expected. I thought I knew myself pretty well, but Planet Sex showed me I still have so much to learn. It was a positive experience for me. I’m really glad I did it.

Is there a possibility of a third season of Carnival Row?

I don’t know. I think in this genre, you could go on and tell more stories, but I’m really happy that we have had two great, intense seasons, rather than dragging it out season after season until it gets boring.

Do you find that your experience as a model helps with your acting?

Both are different, but also similar in certain ways. It’s just that for acting, you have to forget about the camera and not be yourself. You have to be your character. But it is something that I wanted to do since I was very young.

Lastly, are there any plans for you to return in Only Murders In the Building?

Not that I know of. I think my character kind of worked herself out of the show. But the experience of working on the series was just incredible. I love comedy, so to share the screen with legends such as Steve Martin and Martin Short was amazing. They are just so funny, talented and supportive of everyone around them. I learned so much.

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