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UFC flyweight Jeff Molina has had to come out as bisexual after videos of him performing oral sex acts were leaked online.

“TLDR: I’m bi,” Molina wrote. “Not in the way I wanted to, but the chance to do it when I was ready was taken away from me. I’ve tried to keep my dating life a secret from social media.”

Molina has been open about his “repressed feelings” growing up. His statement means he is the first male UFC fighter to come out as part of the LGBTQ community.

“I’m a pretty manly guy and that bro-y banter and sus [sic] Humor has always been who I am,” Molina continued. “The thought of my buddies, teammates and people [sic] I look forward to looking at myself differently, let alone treating me differently, because something I can’t control was something I couldn’t fathom. In a sport like this where the majority of the fans are homophobic c***suckers, I didn’t envision that at this part of my career. I wanted to be known for my skills and what I’ve worked for the last 11 years of my life and not the ‘bi-UFC fighter’ which I’m sure translates simply to ‘gay UFC fighter’ would.”

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